Program Overview


1. How can I join the Philips SmartConnect program?
Ans: It is an exclusive program where the invitation to join is sent from Philips sales team to select architect and designers.

2. What are the benefits of this program?
Ans: This program will not only enhance our bond but also keep you updated with the latest in lighting technology so that you can delight your customers with the best solutions. As a member you will also earn points each time your referred customers buy smart lighting product from a Philips Smart Light Hub.

3. What do you mean by eligible products/SKUs?
Ans: Eligible products or eligible SKUs are those products which are included in the program. All the Philips lighting products available at Philips Smart Light Hubs are eligible under the program.

4. What is the eligibility to earn points?
Ans: Every time your referred customer purchases a product from a Philips Smart Light Hub, you will earn points. The purchase has to be made within the program period - 1st May, 2019 to 31st Dec, 2021.

5. How are my points calculated?
Ans: To start with, members earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs.100/- of sales conversion at a Philips Smart Light Hub. Members can earn additional 125 Hue points per site, if Philips Hue range of products are used in more than two sites in a single quarter. As the member reaches the next milestone, the Reward Points earned per Rs.100/- of sales conversion also increase. Refer POINTS & MILESTONES section for details. The points earned in a month will be credited to your program account by the 10th of the next month.

6. How do I find out account details such as transaction history, points balance, etc.?
Ans: You can login with your login credentials at to know the details. In addition, you will receive Monthly Point statement via SMS/e-mail on your registered mobile number/ e-mail ID.

7. How will I be informed about the latest updates in the program and the Rewards Catalogue?
Ans: You will receive SMS/ e-mail on your registered mobile number/ e-mail ID regarding any change or update.

8. What is a redemption window?
Redemption window is a gateway where you can redeem your points for exciting rewards basis your point balance.

9. How many times does the redemption window open?
Ans: The redemption window is open throughout the year. Member needs minimum of 2,000 points in a year to achieve Active status for the year and thereafter start redemption. The more points you collect the more exciting rewards you can redeem.

10. How many gifts can I redeem?
Ans: Member can redeem gifts from the rewards catalogue using his reward points balance.

11. Can I exchange my points for cash?
Ans: No. You can’t exchange your points for cash.

12.Can I redeem a reward of a higher point value than my balance and pay the difference in cash?
Ans: You can’t pay in cash for additional points to redeem a product from the catalogue. The point balance should be equal or higher than the gift’s point value.

13. How can I redeem my points?
Ans: You can place your redemption request through the program website or program helpdesk subject to OTP verification. You can redeem a maximum of 44400 points in a period of 12 months under this program. Hence, we recommend that you should redeem your points regularly.

14. Where and when will my redeemed reward be delivered?
Ans: Your redeemed rewards will be delivered at your registered address within 21 working days from the date of redemption request.

15. Till when are my Philips SmartConnect points valid?
Ans: In this program, you would never need to worry about the expiration of the points earned by you. The points earned by you will be there forever (unless you decide to redeem them or you decide to leave the program)!

16. Suppose I want to exit the program, what will happen to my account?
Ans: Your account will become invalid from the date of exit. We recommend that you redeem the points in your account before exiting the program. Once you exit the program, the points cannot be redeemed.

17. Whom should I contact if I have any queries?
Ans: In case of any queries or feedback, you can contact the Philips SmartConnect program helpdesk from your registered mobile number/ e-mail ID.
Email at:
Call at: 022 6811 2200 (Toll-free), Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm