In these terms and conditions, unless the context specifies otherwise:

  • 'Signify' means Signify Innovations India Limited.
  • 'Philips SmartConnect Program' means Specifiers (Architects, Interior Designers/Design Consultants) rewards, relationship and training initiative owned, managed and operated by Signify, which will provide benefits, rewards and training to the Specifiers.
  • ‘Member’ means a specifier who is enrolled/admitted by Signify into the program.
  • ‘Year’ shall mean the period of 12 months, starting from 1st May, 2019 & ending on 30th April, 2020.
  • 'Month' shall mean calendar month.
  • 'Benefit' means certain special training, rewards and facilities that are given to a member based on pre-defined criteria.
  • 'Service Partners' shall mean the implementation agency and other in-house or contract service providers.
  • 'Rewards' are the gifts offered by Signify, from time to time at its sole discretion, to members of the Philips SmartConnect program against redemption of points earned by the members under the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  • 'Base Points', 'Reward Points', 'SmartConnect Points' means the points earned by a member of Philips SmartConnect program for Signify product sale due to his specification/ recommendation/purchase from Philips Light Lounges/Stores/Authorized Stores.
  • 'Philips SmartConnect Helpdesk' means the service/call centre for resolving members' queries in connection with or related to Philips SmartConnect program.
Eligibility & Membership:
  • Member status and benefits of the Philips SmartConnect program are offered at the sole discretion of Signify.
  • Member is invited to become a part of the Philips SmartConnect program if he/she is a Specifier who fulfils the program eligibility criteria laid down by Signify.
  • Signify reserves the right to modify, edit or delete any component of the point earning structure or the program terms at its own discretion.
  • Membership is offered in the name of the Specifier.
  • Any change in the name, address, constitution or other information relating to the member must be notified to Signify in writing as soon as possible.
  • Signify reserves the right to refuse and cancel membership of the program without assigning any reason and without prior notification.
  • Membership of the program is valid till 30 April, 2020. Advance intimation will be given; in case the membership is extended for any further period.
  • The member permits and authorises Signify and its service partners to use their data for administrative, research and marketing purposes.
  • Members are responsible for keeping their personal information associated with their corresponding account up to date including a name, mobile number, email address, communication mailing address, date of birth by giving their detail in the prescribed format. Your personal data will be processed Personal Data in accordance with the “Signify Privacy Notice for Customers, Consumers and Other Business Persons” which is available on http://www.signify.com/global/privacy under the “Legal information” section
Reward Points & Benefits:
  • All members who are enrolled into the Philips SmartConnect program by Signify are entitled to earn points which can be redeemed for rewards that will be sent to the members in accordance with the terms and conditions specified.
  • All rewards related communication will be sent to the mailing address as specified in the enrolment form.
  • All redeemed rewards shall be dispatched either to the member directly or to the respective sales officer (and it will be responsibility of officer/local sales team to deliver the reward and collect acknowledgement from the member).
  • Points issued in the Philips SmartConnect program have no monetary value and cannot be sold or transferred by members in any manner at any point of time or be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent. These points can only be exchanged for rewards on offer through Philips SmartConnect.
  • In case of termination of membership, for whatever reason, all points shall immediately lapse/expire.
  • No purchase/sale/transfer of points or benefits is permitted. The member can only earn points as per the conditions specified in the program.
  • No cash top-up or cash reimbursement for points or benefits will be given at any time.
  • A monthly statement containing the points earned/accrued will be available on the website of the program.
  • Selection of rewards and benefits is and will be at the sole discretion of Signify. They are liable to change without notice.
  • Signify holds out no warranty and makes no representation (whether expressed or implied) about the goods and/or services manufactured/supplied by third parties that are offered as benefits to members of the program, particularly with regard to their quality or suitability for any purpose. Signify shall not be liable if the said goods/services are defective/deficient in any manner.
  • Signify cannot accept responsibility for any delays in delivery of benefits.
  • Signify will not be responsible for benefits that are stolen, damaged or lost in transit before delivery to the Member.
  • All benefits offered by Signify are on a best effort basis. In case a Member is not offered a particular benefit or if Signify does not make a particular benefit available, Signify will not be liable to compensate in any way.
  • In the event travel vouchers are granted against points, the following will apply:
    a) Travel vouchers issued can only be redeemed and related trips organised via an agency specified by Signify. b) Specifiers are free to decide which of their employees will be eligible to receive travel vouchers, but each employee should not receive more than one travel voucher. c) Travel vouchers can only be redeemed for travel, accommodation and costs of reasonable travel-related activities (such as event tickets or entrance tickets). Under no circumstances will travel vouchers be used to redeem for cash, travel allowances (per diem) or anything similar. d) Specifiers agree that their travel destinations and travel-related activities shall not bring the Organiser and/or the Signify group into disrepute. This includes activities which are vice-related or excessively lavish (such as first-class travel). e) All proposed travel is subject to final approval by Signify. Signify reserves the right to reject any proposed travel that, in its reasonable discretion, violates one or more of the above principles. Signify shall be under no obligation to reimburse or compensate specifiers for trips so rejected.
  • The full value of all travel vouchers must be redeemed or utilised before the end of voucher validity. All unused vouchers or balance value of vouchers shall expire after that date.
General Terms:
  • Signify reserves the right to withhold benefits or terminate the membership of a member if such member breaches any of the terms and conditions of this program. Upon such termination, all benefits standing to the credit of the member shall be lost without the member being entitled for any compensation thereof and the member shall be barred from future membership.
  • Signify reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change the terms and conditions at any time. Signify may disclose personal/professional data relating to members to any affiliate/ associates/partners/group companies/agent/sub-contractor of Signify and/or to any person or entity for developing or communicating any offers or services or professional use and to the extent required to be disclosed by operation of law, any regulatory authority or requirement of any court or other competent authority. Member hereby unconditionally permits such disclosures.
  • The program and any benefit, offering or the like relating to the program shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute a contract or otherwise establish a contractual relationship between Signify and any member.
  • Nothing herein is intended to or shall be construed as creating or establishing any agency, partnership or joint venture relationship between Signify and the member or Service Partners.
  • Members shall be responsible for awareness and updation of the program rules, their entitlements and their availment. Members should login to the website at least once a week to know the latest updates and events.
  • All communication and benefits shall be sent by email or handed over to members at the address existing with Signify. Signify and/or its Service Partners shall not be liable for the failure of any communication to reach the member, it shall be the responsibility of the member to inform Signify about any change in address and Signify bears no responsibility for communication lost or not received.
  • Specifiers acknowledge that all rewards are meant for the benefit of each specifier and its employees decided by them at its discretion. Specifiers are free to determine the manner in which rewards are distributed.
  • Specifiers confirm that by participating in this program, they are not in breach of any code of conduct pertaining to them. Specifiers further confirm none of their employees who may receive any rewards related to or otherwise participate in the program are or will be in breach of any code of conduct pertaining to them.
  • Signify reserves the right to conduct regular audits on participating Specifiers to verify eligibility and compliance with the terms of the program. In case of non-compliance, Signify may decide to remove the specifier from the program at their sole discretion, without any entitlement of the specifier to any reward or any refund or alternative compensation. Such right of audit includes the right to:
    1. Audit information and documents relating to the purchase of qualifying products to ensure compliance with the terms of the program;
    2. Audit information and documents relating to the award, redemption and consumption of any and all tokens or rewards to ensure compliance with the terms of the program; and
    3. Audit information and documents relating to the eligibility of a specifier to participate in the program.
  • All communication will be deemed to have been received by the member within 5 working days of dispatch of the communication. All communication by the member to Signify shall be deemed to have been received on actual receipt.
  • In the event of any dispute in connection with the program and the interpretation of these terms and conditions, Signify's decision shall be final and binding. The program shall be governed by the laws of India and all disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Gurugram.
  • The terms and conditions mentioned herein, in a language other than English, is solely for the purpose of convenience only and in case of any dispute regarding the same, the terms and conditions in English will be final and binding and will prevail over the terms and conditions printed in any other language. The terms and conditions in English can be requested for at any time.
General Terms:
  • Points earned till 30th April, 2020 will be valid till 30th April, 2021.
  • Program Validity: Philips SmartConnect program 2019 will be valid till 30th April, 2020.